Kennedy Dale-Johnson

Kennedy_smallKennedy is one of our featured soloists in the 2014-15 Youth Ballet Company Performance “East to West.”  Kennedy was 3 years old when she started dancing at Youth Ballet and Contemporary Dance of Saskatchewan and joined the company when she was 11.  She attends the Progressive Discover-E Online school based out of Saskatoon.  She enjoys writing and yoga and would like to attend the National Ballet School dance teacher training program and obtain a University Degree when she graduates high school.


Like so many of our students, dance has impacted Kennedy’s life in many ways outside of the studio.  Kennedy explains that dance has “given me a great way to express myself, develop a great work ethic and establish important relationships with peers and teachers.”   Not only has dance impacted her life, but it has contributed to her academic pursuits by teaching her determination and promoting self-confidence and artistic expression.

When asked if there was anything she would like to say to encourage young dancers, Kennedy says, “Work hard and enjoy whatever you do.  Never be afraid to ask for advice or help from teachers or other dancers, as there is always something to learn more about it.”

Youth Ballet Company’s Artistic Director, Michelle McMillan remarks that Kennedy “has always been an dedicated student with a thoughtful and intelligent approach to her dancing. She digs deep to find the small details about the movement and loves sharing her passion for dance, whether that be with the audience or to help another dancer. Learning that Kennedy wanted to pursue teaching was exciting to hear for I feel she has the heart of a teacher.”

Before Kennedy graduates she would like to thank her parents for supporting her dancing all these years and encouraging her to reach her goals.