The Company


In September 2001, Youth Ballet began a pre-professional performing company with the goal of fostering young artists in a professional environment.  Each spring, auditions are held for dancers. Being a member of the Youth Ballet Company requires a serious commitment from young dancers, ages 13 to 17.

The Company is going into its 18th season and has a reputation for providing excellence and innovative works and has been gaining recognition among some of Canada’s leading dance artists.

Under the direction of Michelle McMillan and past Artistic Directors, including Richard Zimich and Connie Moker Wernikowski, high standards are achieved and this has brought recognition to the performing company.

The Company’s repertoire currently includes works by well-known guest and resident choreographers.  The Company is committed to forging new ground in work for youth, especially in helping them find their own voice and contribute to the choreographic process.  The Company presents concerts for the general public, and performs by invitation at special festivals and events. The Youth Ballet Company also performs special concerts for schools that combine the artistry of dance with educational material relating to the Saskatchewan Arts Education curriculum.  The Company regularly engages in collaborative projects with other Regina artists and arts groups as well.


The Ensemble is the most junior performing wing of the company. They perform work that is slightly more professional in length, subject matter, and rehearsal process than recital work. They perform at the November Company shows in Regina. The Ensemble provides students with an extra opportunity to develop their performance skills and their artistry, as well as to have fun and make new friends. Ensemble rehearsals are held outside of regular class time.

There are no auditions for Ensemble. Students who take at least 3 classes per week (ballet and/or modern) and who are in Ballet 4 and up, are eligible to sign up.