Class Descriptions

Youth Ballet Dance Instructors

Our Program

We believe that dance classes offer any young child the opportunity to grow in self-confidence, grace, co-ordination, flexibility, strength, musicality, artistry and creativity. As the children advance through the school, they may choose to dance recreationally or to commit to intensive training to reach their full potential. Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan offers classes in Pre-School Dance for 3 to 5 year-olds, Explore Dance for special needs children, Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Hip Hop. Students range from age 3 years to adult, with levels of instruction ranging from beginner to advanced.

Small Class Sizes

We are committed to smaller class sizes of 6 students for our Pre-School Dance and Pre-Ballet students. This means more individualized instruction for the youngest students, and a family atmosphere develops between the students and the instructors. Although our classes for the older students can be larger, we are committed to limiting overcrowding and maintaining each student’s right to individualized attention.

Pre-School Dance

This program, designed for students aged 3 to 5, encourages children to have fun with movement, rhythm, and creativity, while developing co-ordination, balance, flexibility, musicality as well as some pre-ballet steps and skills.

Pre-Ballet, Primary and Ballet Dance Program

Ballet is the basis for all dance taught at Youth Ballet. We believe that a good education in ballet can benefit dancers in all forms of dance.  Our Pre-Ballet Program starts at age 5 and includes both creative and technical elements. Our ballet program is based on a combination of methods and syllabi, including the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. The curriculum is developmentally sound, and adaptable to various levels of ability.

Intensive Day Program

This program is for Intermediate and Advanced Level students who are committed to the art of dance and desire to see a marked improvement in technique and discipline.  High School students can apply to receive a special school credit for their participation in this program.  (Please contact Artistic Director for more information) All dancers in this program must enroll in all Day Program classes.

Royal Academy of Dance Exam Program

All RAD grades are offered from Grade 1 to Advanced. This is an optional program with RAD classes being held at special times within the schedule. The Royal Academy of Dance is a global organization with a mandate to advance the worldwide standards of teaching in classical ballet. RAD exams give dancers a measurable goal to work toward as well as recognition from the world’s largest ballet examining body.

Company and Ensemble

A distinguishing feature of Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan is its pre-professional performing Company.  Dancers are admitted into the Company on an audition basis and is for dancers 13 years and up.  Audition dates are posted in the Fall of each year.  The Ensemble program regularly joins the Company in performances and is for Level 4 to Intermediate Foundation dancers who desire more performing opportunities.  There are no auditions at the Ensemble Level.

Modern Dance Program

Our modern program utilizes a variety of movement techniques including, but not limited to; Limon Technique, Laban Movement Analysis, and Bartennieff Fundamentals. The movement principles that dancers will become aware of are: time, space, weight, and flow, and how those relate to all dance technique. Classes consist of floor work, centre work, travelling, improvisation, and composition. Modern dance and ballet complement each other greatly, and will give dancers the edge they need to excel in dance in Canada.

Explore Dance

This program, designed for special needs students, utilizes the joy of dance and music to improve strength, muscle tone, co-ordination, flexibility and other skills.

Jazz Dance Program

Combining strength and flexibility, jazz employs movements that are quick, clean, precise and percussive.  Dancers will also focus on dynamic turns and jumps, while learning choreography set to jazz and popular music.  Many jazz styles are taught from Broadway to current.

Hip Hop Dance Program

Explore street dance styles in this energetic and rhythmic dance class. Danced to hip hop or electronic music inspired by hip hop culture, the dancers will learn the current trends which are influenced by breaking, popping, locking and 90’s funk styles.

Dance Mix Boys ages 8-11

Are you ready to explore dance but not sure where to start? This class is the perfect place for that introduction. Get exposure to many facets of dance with a variety of dance styles like Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz. Our instructors look forward to helping you discover the fun and joy of dancing!


Adult Yoga

The Yoga classes are offered for both the experienced dancer and the non-dancer alike.   These classes provide overall strength, increase flexibility, and promote a balanced body inside a thoughtful atmosphere.

YogaFit Kids for ages 6-8

This yoga class for children explores breathwork and movement in a safe and inclusive environment. Children will explore their flexibility and build strength while building skills to counter daily stresses.

Post-Secondary Level Classes

This program is offered to post-secondary dancers at the Advanced level and up. A specialized class is offered in ballet to provide well-rounded training for the serious artist.

Adult Programs

Youth Ballet offers classes for adults in ballet and modern dance. No experience is required. A Yoga class is also offered for adults.