Fees & Fundraising


Fees will be available in your on-line registration family portal.

(Excludes families in RAD, Explore Dance, Post Secondary and Adult classes)

Each family at Youth Ballet is assigned a fundraising commitment, except for the students mentioned above. These funds are used to sustain the school’s operations and for costs associated with the Spring School Recital. No money from these commitments is used towards the Company or the RAD program.

Your family’s fundraising commitment is based on the number of classes taken per week by all members of your family who are students of Youth Ballet.

1 Class per week $60 per family per year
2 Classes per week $120 per family per year
3 Classes per week $180 per family per year
4 Classes per week $240 per family per year
5 Classes per week $300 per family per year (maximum fundraising amount required)

Fundraising Options:

Funds may be raised by the following options:

  • selling cases of chocolates ($30 value per case sold).  Chocolates to arrive in the new year
  • you may also do various other things, if needed (ie.sewing costumes, building props, etc.) for credit on your account
  • payout either in a lump sum or divided evenly with monthly fees.

Once your commitment is met, you will not have to do any other fundraising for the year. Your choice of fundraising method must be stated on your registration form.

Due to COVID-19, we are no longer offering Bingo’s as an option for fundraising.

Fundraising Support

“Raise the Barre” with Mabel’s Labels

We have created an online fundraising campaign called “Raise the Barre” with Mabel’s Labels.  This is a great way to support the school as all proceeds from this campaign go to Youth Ballet to help with the rising overhead costs    It is also a great way to keep our “Lost and Found” to a minimum by getting personalize labels and putting them inside your dancer’s shoes.  These can be ordered throughout the year.

To order personalized labels: