As a former dancer at YBCS, I knew first-hand the confidence and support the school gave to me. I knew this was the place for my daughter. And many years later, YBCS continues to provide confidence and support to her and other dancers. YBCS is a professional school with a community environment where all dancers are equal. The school becomes a second home for all dancers to feel safe and be themselves. We can’t imagine dancing any place else”— Parent

“Dancing at the Youth Ballet has been a wonderful experience. I have learned not only about many different styles of dance from around the world, but also countless lessons that I will carry with me forever. YBCS has been a supportive and inspiring place throughout all my years of dancing.”— Dancer

“Wow! Now you know we’ve seen plenty of dance recitals in our many cities, and while I of course always love watching my girls dance, I often find I am just waiting out the other performances in anticipation of my girls coming back onstage… but I have to tell you on Saturday night, I enjoyed watching all of the performers. I was so impressed with the “flow of the show” and the high quality of the talent and costumes  – as a parent and spectator, it was a fantastic night. And I know Jaelyn, from a performer’s perspective, had a fantastic time as well. The kids were treated with respect and expected to behave responsibly, and they all stepped up the challenge with flying colors! Not only did you give them the opportunity to share in the joy of performing, you gave them the opportunity to recognize the important role they have to play onstage and backstage as well. And all this was accomplished with minimal rehearsals outside of class time! What a staff you have – thanks for creating an opportunity for our Jaelyn and her friends to shine. My parents came out from San Francisco, and they continue to rave about the quality and professionalism of the evening as well.


 We are so grateful we found this gem of a dance school in our new home. Special thanks to Michelle and Caitlin too. Our daughter’s biggest fear leaving our old city was having to leave her dance studio… and here she was so fortunate to dance her way into their classes. Thanks to them for making her feel so comfortable.— Parent