To the Pointe

Dear dancers and families of Youth Ballet,

Our board and staff have had many conversations over the past several days about Youth Ballet and the remainder of the season. Through this letter, we want to share with you what we know today, what we are planning and what next steps look like.

As of today…
We know that we will not be dancing in April. As such, you will not be charged for April dance fees. However, many families pay the supplementary fees of costumes, year book and fundraising over 9 months. The office will figure out what is not to be charged for April dance fees and what amounts will still remain to be paid as part of the supplementary fees. The great news is that the costumes are in and we are working on a plan. We also have some exciting plans to engage with our dancers digitally over the coming weeks. (Stay tuned for more information coming out!)

While it isn’t likely we will have a recital in May, we hold out hope that if things improve we can at least resume classes. We will revisit this decision in the coming weeks. Of course, if we end up cancelling May, your May dance fees will not be charged.

For those that have already paid in full, refunds will be done in May. Youth Ballet is a not for profit organization and as such we rely on the extras like fundraising and donors to keep our wonderful school operating. If anyone is interested in turning their dance fees or a portion thereof into a donation we can certainly do that and you would receive a tax receipt.

The Yearbook is an important and valued momento that we create each year. Again, we have ideas on how to creatively capture the content this year. We are tentatively planning to do the group photos in June or July should circumstances allow.

What we are planning….
As mentioned above, our Artistic Director, Michelle McMillan, along with some of the teaching staff, are working on creating content that we could deliver digitally to our students. I’ve talked to several parents and we have all remarked that our children are doing a lot of dancing around the house these days and would likely really enjoy receiving some videos from their teachers. It’s in the idea stage, but we are excited to be creative and engage with our dancers.

Some other important things to note…
Our teaching staff is as disappointed as all of us at the current state and the unavoidable decision to not be able to hold class. We are paying all of our staff as normal until March 31, 2020. There will be opportunities for some dance instructors to gain hours throughout April as we work to develop the digital content.

We understand there may questions. This is a lot of information to take in. The office is closed, but Brenda and Michelle are working from home and available to answer any questions you may have. If you’d like to speak to myself as a representative of the Board, please contact Brenda and she will connect us.  Brenda can be contacted by e-mail at

Like many, we are missing our regular routines and the busyness of life and kid’s activities. It’s an uncertain time in the world no doubt, but we know this too shall pass and we are all trying to focus on the future.


Mary Weimer
President, Youth Ballet Board of Directors

Brenda Bancescu
Executive Director

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